Chapter 1 Data Structure

The Itrax core scanner is a multi-sensor device, with separate data outputs for different measurements and uses. They are described in the following sections. Note that your data may not contain all of these objects, depending on the exact scanner, configuration, or data repository you use. The folder structure may vary between operators, but typically there will be a folder for each scan section, and each will contain the data described in the following sections.

Note that where radiographs and XRF data have been acquired using different step-sizes (measurement intervals), the operator will create separate scan sections (folders) for the x-radiograph and XRF measurement. This is because a scan section can only have a single fixed step-size. For example, it is not uncommon for users to require an step-size of 200 μm for the x-radiograph, but only 1 mm for the XRF measurement.